《industrial deafness P333》求取 ⇩

PART ONEGeneral Considerations1

1 The Physics of Sound3

2 How the Ear Functions18

3 The Causes of Deafness28

4 Effects of Noise on Human Behavior44

5 Medicolegal Aspects&by Charles R.Williams52

6 Conservation of Hearing in Industry61

PART TWONoise Measurement75

7 Principles of Noise Measurement&by Charles R.Williams77

8 Making Noise Measurements&by Charles R.Williams96

9 Damage-risk Criteria113

10 Ear Protectors124

11 Principles of Noise Abatement&by R.B.Goldman135

12 Audiometric Test Rooms&by Robert Roop148

PART THREEHearing Testing167

13 Measurement of Hearing Loss169

14 Audiometry181

15 Ear Examinations and Histories225

16 Auditory Fatigue,Presbycusis,Malingering239

17 Handicapping Effects of Deafness256

18 Interpretation of Hearing Tests273

19 The Industrial Physician and Otologist292



Visual Aids321


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