《handbook of physiology section 2_circulation volume iii P2765》求取 ⇩

49.Integrated aspects of cardiovascular regulation&B.FOLKOW C.HEYMANS E.NEIL1787

50.Control of the circulation as studied with analog computer technics&HOMER R.WARNER1825

51.Circulatory adaptation to the requirements of life under more than one atmosphere of pressure&KARL E.SCHAEFER1843

52.Effect of respiratory acts on the circulation&E.P.SHARPEY-SCHAFER1875

53.Circulatory effects of hyperventilation and hypoventilation&DICKINSON W.RICHARDS1887

54.The circulation in hypothermia of non-hibernating animals and men&RUDOLF THAUER1899

55.Circulatory adjustments to climatic requirements&RUDOLF THAUER1921

56.Circulation in mammalian hibernation&CHARLES P.LYMAN1967

57.Conditional circulatory responses in men and animals&STEPAN FIGAR1991

58.Shock and peripheral circulatory insufficiency&JACOB FINE2037

59.The physiology of congestive heart failure&JAMES O.DAVIS2071

60.Artificial blood circulation&PIERRE M.GALIETTI GERHARD A.BRECHER2123

61.The physiology of arterial hypertension&IRVINE H.PAGE JAMES W.MCCUBBIN2163

62.Circulatory effects of blood clotting,fibrinolysis,and related hemostatic processes&M.MASON GUEST2209

63.Intravascular erythrocyte aggregation (blood sludge)&MELVIN H.KNISELY2249

64.Ultrastructure of the vascular membrane&G.MAJNO2293

65.Clubbing of the fingers&JEAN GINSBURG2377

66.Anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions with special emphasis on the circulation&HIRAM E.ESSEX2391

67.Postural changes in the circulation&OTTO H.GAUER HANS L.THRON2409

68.Effect of psychopharmacological drugs on the circulation&J.H.BURN2441

69.Effects of the autonomic drugs on the circulatory system&RAYMOND P.AHLQUIST2457

70.The circulatory effects of anesthetics&E.M.GREISHEIMER2477

71.Development of the heart&J.D.BOYD2511

72.Adaptations of the circulation in invertebrate animals&ARTHUR W.MARTIN KJELL JOHANSEN2545

73.Comparative aspects of cardiovascular function in vertebrates&KJELL JOHANSEN ARTHUR W.MARTIN2583

74.Adaptive changes in the heart,vessels,and patterns of control under chronically high loads&FRANCISCO GRANDE HENRY L.TAYLOR2615


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