《methods in enzymology volume iv P979》求取 ⇩

Section Ⅰ.Techniques for Characterization of Proteins (Procedures and Interpretations)1

1.Electrophoresis&ARNE TISELIUS2

1A.Paper Electrophoresis&A.HELGE F.LAURELL21

2.Ultracentrifugation,Diffusion,and Viscometry&H.K.SCHACHMAN32

3.Infrared Spectrophotometry&D.L.WOOD104

4.X-Ray Diffraction of Protein Crystals&F.H.C.CRICK127

5.Light-Scattering Measurements&M.BIER147

6.Flow Birefringence&W.F.H.M.MOMMAERTS166

7.Fluorescence Techniques for the Enzymologist&DONALD J.R.LAURENCE174

8.The Solubility Diagram as a Criterion of Protein Homogeneity&ROGER M.HERRIOTT212

9.Determination of Amino Acid Sequence in Proteins&R.R.PORTER221

10.The Pipsyl Method for Amino Acid Sequences in Proteins&MILTON LEVY238

11.Methods for Investigating the Essential Groups for Enzyme Activity&H.FRAENKEL-CONRAT247

Section Ⅱ.Techniques for Metabolic Studies271

12.Techniques for the Assay of the Respiratory Enzymes&BRITTON CHANCE273

13.Use of Artificial Electron Acceptors in the Study of Dehydrogenases&J.H.QUASTEL329

14.Study of soil Metabolism Using the Perfusion Technique&J.H.QUASTEL and P.G.SCHOLEFIELD336

15.Methods for Study of the Hill Reaction&WOLF VISHNIAC342

16.Methods for Measurement of Nitrogen Fixation&R.H.BURRIS and P.W.WILSON355

17.Micromethods for the Assay of Enzymes&O.H.LOWRY366

18.Histochemical Methods for Enzymes&GEORGE GOMORI381

19.Electron Microscopy of Cellular Constituents&FRITIOF S.SJOSTRAND391

Section Ⅲ.Techniques for Isotope Studies423

20.The Measurement of Radioisotopes&DANIEL STEINBERG and SIDNEY UDENFRIEND425

21.The Measurement of Stable Isotopes&ANTHONY SAN PIETRO473

22.The Synthesis and Degradation of Isotopically Labeled Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate Intermediates&S.ABRAHAM and W.Z.HASSID489

23.Determination of Isotopic Carbon Patterns in Carbohydrate by Bacterial Fermentation&I.A.BERNSTEIN and HARLAND G.WOOD561

24.Isotopic Experimentation with Intermediates of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle&H.E.SWIM and M.F.UTTER584

25.Synthesis and Degradation of Isotopically Labeled Glyeolic,Glyoxylic,and Oxalic Acids&KATHARINE F.LEWIS and SIDNEY WEINHOUSE609

26.Purines and Pyrimidines&EDWARD D.KORN615

27.Biosynthesis of Protoporphyrin&DAVID SHEMIN643

28.Methods for Chemical Synthesis,Isolation,and Degradation of Labeled Compounds as Applied in Metabolic Studies of Amino Acids and Proteins&DAVID M.GREENBERG and MORTON ROTHSTEIN652

29.Synthesis and Degradation of Labeled Steroids&K.BLOCH732

30.Labeled Compounds Related to Methyl Group Biosynthesis and Transfer&J.A.STEKOL751

31.The Synthesis of Labeled Sulfur Compounds&HAROLD TARVER769

32.The Synthesis and Degradation of Carbon-Labeled Fatty Acids and Related Compounds&H.S.ANKER779

33.Labeled Compounds in the Study of Phospholipid Metabolism&CAMILLO ARTOM809

34.Preparation and Analysis of Labeled Coenzymes&SIDNEY P.COLOWICK and NATHAN O.KAPLAN840

35.Synthetic and Analytic Procedures Involving I131-Labeled Compounds&ALVIN TAUROG and I.L.CHAIKOFF856

36.Intermediates of Photosynthesis:Isolation and Degradation Methods&A.A.BENSON and M.CALVIN882

37.O18 Containing Phosphate and Related Compounds&MILDRED COHN905



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