《the politics of urban cultural policy global perspectives》求取 ⇩

Introduction: urbanizing cultural policyCARL GRODACH AND DANIEL SILVER1

PART ⅠUrban cultural policy as an object of governance13

1.A different class: politics and culture in LondonKATE OAKLEY15

2.Chicago from the political machine to the entertainment machineTERRY NICHOLS CLARK AND DANIEL SILVER28

3.Brecht in Bogota: how cultural policy transformed a clientelist political cultureELEONORA PASOTTI42

4.Notes of discord: urban cultural policy in the confrontational cityARIE ROMEIN AND JAN JACOB TRIP54

5.Cultural policy and the state of urban development in the capital of South KoreaJONG YOUL LEE AND CHAD ANDERSON69

PART ⅡRewriting the creative city script83

6.Creativity and urban regeneration: the role of La Tohu and the Cirque du Soleil in the Saint-Michel neighborhood in MontrealDEBORAH LESLIE AND NORMA M.RANTISI83

7.City image and the politics of music policy in the “Live Music Capital of the World”CARL GRODACH98

8.“To have and to need”: reorganizing cultural policy as panacea for Berlin's urban and economic woesDOREENJAKOB110

9.Urban cultural policy, city size, and proximityCHRIS GIBSON AND GORDON WAITT122

PART ⅢThe implications of urban cultural policy agendas for creative production139

10.The new cultural economy and its discontents: governance innovation and policy disjuncture in VancouverTOM HUTTON AND CATHERINE MURRAY141

11.Creating urban spaces for culture, heritage, and the arts in Singapore: balancing policy-led development and organic growthLILY KONG154

12.Maastricht - from treaty town to European Capital of CultureGRAEMEEVANS165

13.Rethinking arts policy and creative production: the case of Los AngelesELIZABETH CURRID-HALKETT AND VIVIAN WANG179

PART ⅣCoalition networks, alliances, and identity framing193

14.When worlds collide: the politics of cultural economy policy in New YorkMICHAEL INDERGAARD195

15.What's in the Fridge?: counter-democratic mobilization in post-industrial urban “cultural” developmentSTEPHEN W.SAWYER208

16.Governing the entertainment machine: urban cultural policy in SpainCLEMENTE J.NAVARRO221

17.Planned and spontaneous arts development: notes from PortlandSAMUEL SHAW236

18.Local politics in the creative city: the case of TorontoDANIEL SILVER249


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