《dynamics of flight stability and control P382》求取 ⇩

CHAPTER 1Introduction1

1.1 The Subject Matter of Dynamics of Flight1

1.2 The Tools of Flight Dynamicists5

1.3 Stability, Control, and Equilibrium6

1.4 The Human Pilot8

1.5 Handling Qualities Requirements11

1.6 Axes and Notation15

CHAPTER 2 Static Stability and Control—Part 118

2.1General Remarks18

2.2 Synthesis of Lift and Pitching Moment23

2.3 Total Pitching Moment and Neutral Point29

2.4 Longitudinal Control33

2.5 The Control Hinge Moment41

2.6 Influence of a Free Elevator on Lift and Moment44

2.7 The Use of Tabs47

2.8 Control Force to Trim48

2.9 Control Force Gradient51

2.10 Exercises52

2.11 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 257

CHAPTER 3 Static Stability and Control—Part 260

3.1Maneuverability-Elevator Angle per g60

3.2 Control Force per g63

3.3 Influence of High-Lift Devices on Trim and Pitch Stiffness64

3.4 Influence of the Propulsive System on Trim and Pitch Stiffness66

3.5 Effect of Structural Flexibility72

3.6 Ground Effect74

3.7 CG Limits74

3.8 Lateral Aerodynamics76

3.9 Weathercock Stability (Yaw Stiffness)77

3.10 Yaw Control80

3.11 Roll Stiffness81

3.12 The Derivative C 1β83

3.13 Roll Control86

3.14 Exercises89

3.15 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 391

CHAPTER 4General Equations of Unsteady Motion93

4.1 General Remarks93

4.2 The Rigid-Body Equations93

4.3 Evaluation of the Angular Momentum h96

4.4 Orientation and Position of the Airplane98

4.5 Euler’s Equations of Motion100

4.6 Effect of Spinning Rotors on the Euler Equations103

4.7 The Equations Collected103

4.8 Discussion of the Equations104

4.9 The Small-Disturbance Theory107

4.10 The Nondimensional System115

4.11 Dimensional Stability Derivatives118

4.12 Elastic Degrees of Freedom120

4.13 Exercises126

4.14 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 4127

CHAPTER 5 The Stability Derivatives129

5.1General Remarks129

5.2 The α Derivatives129

5.3 The u Derivatives131

5.4 The q Derivatives135

5.5 The α Derivatives141

5.6 The β Derivatives148

5.7 The p Derivatives149

5.8 The r Derivatives153

5.9 Summary of the Formulas154

5.10 Aeroelastic Derivatives156

5.11 Exercises159

5.12 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 5160

CHAPTER 6 Stability of Uncontrolled Motion161

6.1Form of Solution of Small-Disturbance Equations161

6.2 Longitudinal Modes of a Jet Transport165

6.3 Approximate Equations for the Longitudinal Modes171

6.4 General Theory of Static Longitudinal Stability175

6.5 Effect of Flight Condition on the Longitudinal Modes of a Subsonic Jet Transport177

6.6 Longitudinal Characteristics of a STOL Airplane184

6.7 Lateral Modes of a Jet Transport187

6.8 Approximate Equations for the Lateral Modes193

6.9 Effects of Wind196

6.10 Exercises201

6.11 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 6203

CHAPTER 7 Response to Actuation of the Controls—Open Loop204

7.1General Remarks204

7.2 Response of Linear/Invariant Systems207

7.3 Impulse Response210

7.4 Step-Function Response213

7.5 Frequency Response214

7.6 Longitudinal Response228

7.7 Responses to Elevator and Throttle229

7.8 Lateral Steady States237

7.9 Lateral Frequency Response243

7.10 Approximate Lateral Transfer Functions247

7.11 Transient Response to Aileron and Rudder252

7.12 Inertial Coupling in Rapid Maneuvers256

7.13 Exercises256

7.14 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 7258

CHAPTER 8 Closed-Loop Control259

8.1General Remarks259

8.2 Stability of Closed Loop Systems264

8.3 Phugoid Suppression: Pitch Attitude Controller266

8.4 Speed Controller270

8.5 Altitude and Glide Path Control275

8.6 Lateral Control280

8.7 Yaw Damper287

8.8 Roll Controller290

8.9 Gust Alleviation295

8.10 Exercises300

8.11 Additional Symbols Introduced in Chapter 8301

APPENDIX A Analytical Tools303

A.1Linear Algebra303

A.2 The Laplace Transform304

A.3 The Convolution Integral309

A.4 Coordinate Transformations310

A.5 Computation of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors315

A.6 Velocity and Acceleration in an Arbitrarily Moving Frame316

APPENDIX BData for Estimating Aerodynamic Derivatives319

APPENDIX C Mean Aerodynamic Chord, Mean Aerodynamic Center, and Cmacw357

APPENDIX D The Standard Atmosphere and Other Data364

APPENDIX E Data For the Boeing 747-100369



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