《constructing a social welfare system for all in china》求取 ⇩

1 Introduction1

China’s socioeconomic development:reflections on how things were3

China’s social welfare system:challenges and progress7

China’s ‘developmental social welfare system’ in 2012 and 2020:ideas for the future19

2 Basic principles and overall framework for a ‘developmental social welfare system’24

Basic principles for building a ‘developmental social welfare system’24

Framework for a ‘developmental social welfare system’26

Management system for a ‘developmental social welfare system’28

Legal environment for a ‘developmental social welfare system’34

3 The course of development and reforms made in other social welfare systems in the world38

History of social welfare systems 38

Different forms and classifications of social welfare systems40

Reforms of social welfare systems in different countries44

Debates on social welfare reform,and the risks involved55

4 A welfare system with coverage for all rural migrant workers60

Inadequate social welfare programs for rural migrant workers60

Establish and improve the pension system for rural migrant workers62

Housing security for rural migrant workers64

Employment training and services for rural migrant workers66

Other social security programs for rural migrant workers69

5 Old-age security71

The current status of the old-age security system71

Main problems in the old-age security system77

Development objectives of the old-age security system79

Policy recommendations82

6 Health security92

Development of China’s healthcare services system92

Reform and development of the medical security system96

Main problems in the health security system101

Objectives of a ‘developmental health security system’106

Policy recommendations108

7 Education security115

A review of compulsory education in China115

Problems facing China’s compulsory education119

Objectives of a ‘developmental education security system’125

Policy recommendations131

8 Employment security137

Economic restructuring and the evolution of employment policies137

The establishment and development of an unemployment insurance system141

Main problems of the unemployment insurance and employment security systems147

Objectives in building a ‘developmental employment security system’ 153

Policy recommendations154

9 Housing security160

The process of housing reform160

Urban and rural housing security systems at present165

Current housing security system problems174

Objectives of housing security systems186

Policy recommendations189

10 Basic living allowance system195

The development of the minimum living allowance system195

Effectiveness and problems of a minimum living allowance system199

Role of a minimum living allowance in a developmental welfare system201

Objectives of the MLA system and measures for its improvement203

Policy recommendations206

11 Social welfare systems for special groups209

Development of welfare for the disabled209

Development of social welfare for senior citizens213

Development of social welfare for women and children215

Problems underlying social welfare for special groups218

Creating social welfare for special groups:objectives and methods221

Policy recommendations225

12 Social welfare programs supported by public finance229

Government spending on social welfare programs:trends and analysis229

Public financial resources needed for building a developmental social welfare system234

Estimated capacity of public finance to support the building of a social welfare system244

Developmental social welfare system:fund raising and management247

13 Policy recommendations253


Health security257

Education security258

Employment assistance and unemployment insurance259

Housing security260

Minimum living allowance261

Social welfare systems for special groups261

Budget for asocial security fund262

Raise the percentage of welfare expenditures in GDP and government spending262




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