《biometrical genetics P234》求取 ⇩


Dominance,Genotype-Environment Interaction,and Homeostasis&by R.E.COMSTOCK3

The Balance-sheet of Variability&by K.MATHER10

Biometrical Relations between Relatives and Selection Theory&by OSCAR KEMPTHORNE12

The Effects of Inbreeding when Selection Acts Against Homozygosis at One or More Loci&by E.C.R.REEVE and J.C.GOWER24

High Speed Selection Studies&by FRANK G.MARTIN,JR.and C.CLARK COCKERHAM35

Genetic and Statistical Theory for Quantitative Inheritance Studies of Haploids&by D.S.ROBSON46

The Problems of Multifactorial Genetic in Man&by F.KEITER65

Simulation of Genetic Systems by Automatic Digital Computers.5-Linkage,Dominance and Epistasis&by A.S.FRASER70

A Model of a Host-Pathogen System with Particular Reference to the Rusts of Cereals&by CHARLES F.MODE84


Experimental Design on the Measurement of Heritabilities and Genetic Correlations&by ALAN ROBERTSON101

The Interpretation of Calculated Heritability Coefficients with regard to Gene and Environment Effects as well as to Genotype-Environment Interactions&by HENRI L.LE ROY107

An Experimental Design for Separating Genetic and Environmental Changes in Animal Populations under Selection&by KENNETH GOODWIN,G.E.DICKERSON and W.F.LAMOREUX117

The Estimation of Variance Components in Certain Types of Experiment on Quantitative Genetics&by J.A.NELDER139

Importance of Genotype-Environment Interactions in Random Sample Poultry Tests&by A.W.NORDSKOG and O.KEMPTHORNE159


Studies on Estimation of Dominance Variance and Effects of Linkage Bias&by H.F.ROBINSON,C.CLARK COCKERHAM and R.H.MOLL171

An Experimental Check on the Accuracy of Prediction of Response during Selection&by G.A.MARTIN and A.E.BELL178

Predominance of Hybrid Losses or Negative Heterosis in Mouse Crosses&by R.W.MASON,H.H.NICHOLSON,RALPH BOGART and HUGO KRUEGER188

The Use of Correction for Regression on a Second Character to Increase the Efficiency of Selection&by A.F.PURSER210

Endocrine Variation:Heritability of Iodine Metabolism in the Thyroids of Mice&by C.K.CHAI215



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