《Perspectives in Virology Volume 10》求取 ⇩

1.New Structures in Viral RNA:Noncovalent Circles and Covalently-Linked Protein&David Baltimore,Ralf F.Pettersson,James B.Flanegan,Martinez J.Hewlett,John K.Rose,and Victor Ambros1

2.Evolution of F1 Phage&Norton D.Zinder13

3.Murine Mammary Tumor Virus and the Regulation of Eucaryotic Gene Transcription&Wade P.Parks21

4.Receptor for the Group B Coxsackieviruses:Characterization and Extraction from HeLa Cell Plasma Membranes&R.L.Crowell and J-S.Siak39

5.Influenza Virus Genes:Characterization and Biologic Activity&Peter Palese,Jerome L.Schulman,and Mary B.Ritchey57

6.Cell-Mediated Immunity in Virus Infections:Influenza Virus and the Problem of Self-Non-Self Discrimination&Peter C.Doherty,Rita B.Effros,and Jack Bennink73

7.Papilloma Viruses and Squamous Cell Carcinomas in Man&Harold zur Hausen,Lutz Gissmann,Herbert Pfister,Wolfgang Steiner,and Shadrak Ojwang93

8.Studies on In Vitro Production of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen by a Human Hepatoma Cell Line&Jennifer Alexander,Given Macnab,and Rachel Saunders103

9.Reovirus-Like Agents(Rotaviruses)Associated with Diarrheal Illness in Animals and Man&Richard G.Wyatt,Anthony R.Kalica,Charles A.Mebus,Hyan W.Kim,William T.London,Robert M.Chanock,and Albert Z.Kapikian121

10.An Experimental Protein Vaccine for Foot-and-Mouth Disease&Howard L.Bachrach,Douglas M.Moore,Peter D.McKercher,and Jerome Polatnick147

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