Will It Blend? That is a question! iPhone 4…



“Will it Blend? That is a question.”


“I got my new iPhone 4. I’ve been waiting for this since I accidently blended My last iPhone.”


“But let me tell you it was not easy. I met this guy who said he found it in a bar. He claimed someone left it behind accidently.”

“So I met him in a back alley I offered him $5000. He wouldn’t take the money… He wanted sth. else. ”

–”You look familiar, aren’t you?”

–”No, no, I’m not Bill Gates(= =!) .. People always get confused. .. Let’s see it~  Extraordinary!”

“He took his package and left quickly.”

“Some people think I only want new iPhone, so I can steal the technology. But you know me better than that! I’m only here for one thing!”

–”Mr. Dickson!”

—Punching— “Don’t hit me, bro~”

“I heard the iPhone 4 is much faster, let’s see if it blends faster.”


“Hoo! Oh, Facetime smoke. Don’t breathe this!”

“You two done. Everyone can get a new iPhone by now. So it really doesn’t matter. In fact, if you want a new iPhone 4, you wanna get rid of your old phone, log on to Blendtec.com, and sign up for our Blend My Phone Contest. I’ll send the winner a new iPhone 4, and I’ll pay the contract for 2 years plus have your old phone blended on a future episode of “will it blend”. Here is dick had his phone back~”

“iPod~iPhone~iPad~And now, iBlend~”



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